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    An art boutique for your soul

    “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”
    ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Every story, dream, adventure, risk, ideal, and life is a unique work of art. Our mission is to recreate and bring to life your ambitions, dreams, ideas, passions, and voyages in a way that will celebrate you. We closely collaborate with you to create personalized artwork and a Visual Bio Experience that will best represent your unique journey, in a way that will inspire and remind you of a time when the sky was the limit. We believe that you should never stop dreaming and reaching for the stars.



We design and create personalized art that will best express your unique journey, dreams, and aspirations to reawaken the child within.


We invite you on a voyage that will propel and motivate you to embark on great adventures. Ignite your inner passion to discover past, present, and future wonders.


This experience will bring clarity and purpose leaving you recharged and renewed. Rewind and reconnect with your inner self.

The Process Uniquely Crafted for You

  • Reach out

    It all starts with YOU. Each of us represents a unique story. A personalized painting will tell your story. Whether you want the story told to be about your present journey, past legacy, or future dreams, reach out and start a conversation.

  • Personality sketch

    The Personality Sketch is the next step. An interview and personality questionnaire helps the artist get to know you better and understand the story you wish to tell.

  • Get a sneak-peak

    After the Personality Sketch is complete, the artist begins work on the design aspect of your personalized painting. We collaborate with you and make adjustments as needed.

  • Journey begins

    Now sit back, relax, and leave your artistic biography in our creative hands. We will keep you updated on the stages of the painting process till it is completed. At the end of your Visual Bio Experience you will receive a masterpiece telling the story of your unique odyssey.



An idea sprung to life when in July of 2013 two artists with likeminded purpose met and discovered that they shared a common dream. Both knew that art held a transformative and regenerative quality, and desired through art to make a difference by helping to create a shift in people’s lives and develop an experience that would ignite a sense of fun and passion. This artistic journey would inspire others to not accept life with mediocrity but to consciously fashion a journey full of the artistry of purpose and adventure. A mutual desire to paint, ignite, and create is how VIKARI was born.

Ariana Poe
Artist, Co-founder
Viktoryia Urukova
Artist, Co-founder

Committed to Making a Difference

We are passionate about positively impacting lives and making a difference. We are actively involved in non-profit initiatives and with each Visual Bio Experience and Painting purchased VIKARI STUDIO will donate 10% to the following projects.
(Info Coming Soon)


  • June 2 - Dec 5

    Summer/Fall solo show “Unveiling”

    LaBoheme Cafe

    Toronto, ON

  • Oct 5 - Dec 5

    “Open” Fine Art Show

    National University of Health Sciences Art Gallery

    200E Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL


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